2.4G 無線及藍牙遊戲手柄 2.4G Wireless and Bluetooth Game Controller



1.產品支持直連直玩(支持安卓6.0以上, iOS11.0以上系統)藍牙4.0+2.4G無線連接。 2.產品適用於Android/iOS手機平板,Win 7/8/10 PC電腦,智能電視系統上 無線連接時,進行游戲操作時使用; 3.含Turbo連打功能,一體式拉桿伸縮支架(拉伸度≤85mm) * Support playing games on BT enabled Android/iOS smart phone /tablets,PC , smart TV ,Win 7 / 8 /10 systems, also support 2.4G wireless connection with PC computers. * Support TURBO(acceleration) function, make it stronger and faster when playing games. * Multimedia player buttons “volume +, -“,“last “,“next ”,“Play/ Pause”can be used under Mouse Mode.

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