ANLAN IPL 脫毛 999999 閃光 IPL 激光脫毛器 IPL Hair Removal 999999 Flashes IPL Laser Epilator



1、可更換式磁頭,裝上後照射範圍變小。適用於皮膚敏感部位、小面積、難以觸及的部位等(膝蓋、腳踝、比基尼線、腋下、臉部等) 2、IPL 99,9999無限脈衝閃光,可 用於整個家庭。 3、五檔調節,能量更準確。 4. 全身脫毛,腿部、腋下、比基尼、手臂、嘴唇、額頭絨毛。 5. 2種閃光模式:大面積自動閃光模式;用於小面積激光脫毛的手動閃光模型。 1. Replaceable magnetic head, when attached, the irradiation range becomes smaller. Suitable for sensitive areas of the skin, small areas, hard-to-reach areas, etc. 2. IPL 99,9999 unlimited pulse flashes, which can be used by the whole family. 3. Five gear adjustment, energy is more accurate. 4. Whole body hair removal, Legs, underarms, bikinis, arms, lips, forehead villi. 5. 2 flash modes: Auto flash model for big size area; Manual flash model for small size area laser hair removal.