📨 產品名稱:【AOCHUAN】Smart X【摺叠3軸穩定器】 1.專業配置新手友好,滿足任何運鏡需求! 2.航向/仰俯/橫滾軸電機,專業防抖,畫面穩定 3.八大模式,高清實時顯示!直綫L全鎖定/斜綫POV模式/超廣角倒置/水平搖晃PF半跟拍/180°自動旋轉DM模式/快速轉場GO模式/仰俯拍F全跟隨/270°手動旋轉POV+搖桿,搭載穩定器全系列拍攝模式,玩轉花樣運鏡! 4.内置環形柔光燈,改善暗光環境,精彩夜拍! 5.隨心翻轉,快速響應,無需再次安裝調平! 6.機身搭載跟焦滾輪!變焦推桿實時調節畫面,身體無需移動,跟焦變焦,虛實遠近,一切盡在掌控! 7.一鍵藍牙觸發!180°和270°兩種盜夢空間旋轉拍攝模式,高度兼容IOS、Android、HarmonyOS系统! 8.磁吸快拆快裝響應,可充可換,自定義更強續航! 9.雲臺狀態/拍攝模式/電量/藍牙等信息一覽無餘! 10.可搭配延長桿和三脚架安裝使用,免提錄影! 11.小巧摺叠,輕巧易收納,免鎖快裝,輕鬆開拍! 📨 Product name: [AOCHUAN] Smart X [Folding Three-Axis Stabilizer] 1. Professional configuration for novice preferences to meet any mirror operation needs! 2. Panning/tilt/roll axis motor, professional anti-shake, stable picture 3. Eight modes, high-quality and fast real-time display! 270° manual rotation of POV + joystick, equipped with a full range of stabilizer shooting modes, allowing you to play with various camera movements! 4. Built-in ring soft light, improves dark light environment and makes wonderful night shots! 5. Platform as you like, respond quickly, install and level again! 6. The bracket carries the focus roller! 7. One-click Bluetooth trigger! 8. Magnetic quick release and quick installation response, rechargeable and replaceable, longer battery life! 9. The gimbal status/shooting mode/wireless/bluetooth and other information are all at a glance! 10. Can be installed with an extension pole and a tripod for hands-free recording! 11. Compact and foldable, easy to store, lock-free and quick to install, easy to start shooting!

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