耐用的強力刀片可完美切割 17種切割長度:兩個智能切割配件可讓您自定義切割,最多可提供16種不同的長度;加上特殊的超短調節,無需鞋子即可使用 強大的雙電池可提供恆定的功率,以實現完美的均勻切割 SafetyLock內存系統鎖定並存儲最後使用的參數 完全可清洗,易於在流水下清洗 Braun理髮器會自動適應100V至240V之間的任何電壓。這使其成為理想的旅行伴侶 Durable powerful blades for the perfect cut 17 Cutting Lengths: Two smart cutting accessories let you customize your cuts, giving you up to 16 different lengths; plus a special extra-short adjustment to be used without the shoe Powerful dual battery provides constant power for a perfectly even cut SafetyLock memory system locks and stores the last parameter used Fully washable, for easy cleaning under running water The Braun hair clipper automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V.