Braun Series 3 21B Electric Shaver Head Replacement Cassette - Black



為了保持最佳剃刮效果,建議每18個月更換一次剃須刀頭 在18個月內,您的Braun電動剃須刀將剪掉6,000,000根頭髮,從而逐漸降低切割性能 通過定期更換剃須刀頭,剃須刀可以保持多年的最佳性能 一小筆投資,您的剃須刀將重置為新的 德國製造 To maintain your best shave, we recommend replacing the shaver head every 18 months Over 18 months your Braun electric shaver will cut over 6,000,000 hairs, gradually reducing cutting performance By routinely replacing your shaver head, your shaver will stay at peak performance for years One small investment, and your shaver is reset to new Made in Germany

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