Braun Series 8 83M 電動剃須刀頭替換件 - 銀色 - 與 Series 8 兼容



最佳性能:為保持最佳剃須效果,我們建議每 18 個月更換一次剃須刀頭 有效剃須:這款靈活的剃須刀頭即使在最棘手的區域也能捕捉到毛髮 精確貼合且溫和:這款剃須刀頭的 4 個完美同步的剃須元件 更換簡單:輕鬆安裝您的新剃須刀頭 - 只需單擊它 優質工藝:100% 德國製造,兼容 Series 8 電動剃須刀 PEAK PERFORMANCE: to maintain your best shave, we recommend replacing the shaver head every 18 months EFFECTIVE SHAVING: this flexible shaver head captures hairs in even the trickiest areas PRECISELY CLOSE AND GENTLE: with this shaver head’s 4 perfectly synchronized shaving elements SIMPLE REPLACEMENT: easily attach your new shaver head - just by clicking it on QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: 100% made in Germany and compatible with Series 8 electric shavers

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