Braun Series 9 94M 電動剃須刀頭,兼容 Series 9 Pro 和 Series 9 剃須刀



峰值功率:為獲得最佳剃須效果,我們建議每 18 個月更換一次 Series 9 Pro 的剃須刀頭 Series 9 Pro 剃須刀頭可在第一次剃須時捕捉更多毛髮,實現超順滑剃須 以持久剃須為目標:Pro 剃須刀頭採用我們獨特的 ProBlade 技術,可剃除 0.05 毫米以下的毛髮 - 實現貼面、溫和、持久的剃須 容易改變。只需單擊即可更換剃須刀頭。 質量工藝:100% 德國製造,兼容博朗 Series 9 Pro 和 Series 9 剃須刀 For an optimal shave, we recommend replacing the shaving head of the Series 9 Pro every 18 months The Series 9 Pro shaving head captures more hair with the first strokes for an ultra-smooth shave With the aim of a lasting shave: The Pro shaving head with our unique ProBlade technology shaves hair under 0.05mm - for a close and gentle shave that lasts Easy to change. Change the shaving head by simply clicking it in. 00% made in Germany and compatible with Braun Series 9 Pro and Series 9 razors

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