Braun Series 9 Pro 男士電動刮鬍刀 Electric Shaver for Men



Series 9 Pro:博朗最好的刮鬍刀,採用全新 ProHead 進行了徹底改造。 更有效率和溫和:創新的 ProLift 修剪器和博朗獨特的聲波技術有助於刮鬍速度提高 10%,實現溫和刮鬍。 高效、溫和,無論是 1 天、3 天還是 7 天的鬍鬚:這款男士電動刮鬍刀採用我們獨特的 ProLift 修剪器,可提升和修剪棘手的毛髮。 配備博朗 5 合 1 SmartCare Center:只需按一下按鈕,即可讓刮鬍刀每天煥然一新。 德國製造,使用壽命 7 年:這款電動刮鬍刀 100% 防水,可與泡沫、凝膠一起使用,甚至可在淋浴下使用。 包括:Series 9 Pro 刮鬍刀、皮革旅行盒(不是充電盒)、清潔和充電系統 Pro、清潔盒、清潔刷 Series 9 Pro: Braun’s best razor, reinvented with a new ProHead. More efficient¹ & gentle: the innovative ProLift trimmer and Braun’s unique Sonic Technology help to shave up to 10% faster, for a gentle shave. Efficient and gentle, no matter if it's a 1, 3, or 7-day beard: championing our unique ProLift trimmer, this electric razor for men lifts and cuts tricky hair. With Braun 5-in-1 SmartCare Center: for a shaver like new, every day—at the touch of a button. Made in Germany & designed to last 7 years: this electric razor is also 100% waterproof and can be used with foam, gel or even under the shower. Including: Series 9 Pro shaver, Leather travel case (Not a charging case), Clean & Charge System Pro, Cleaning cartridge, Cleaning brush

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