Braun Silk-epil女士剃須刀5-560 3合1無線電動剃須刀,修剪器和去角質系統,紫色



Lady Shaver 3合1無線充電系統 旋轉箔紙和修剪器,可完美剃除腿部,腋窩和比基尼區域。 剃須時,去角質劑可輕柔地去除角質 圓頭符合您的身體輪廓 3個附加功能:用於比基尼區和敏感區域的修剪器附件,去角質附件,滑動附件 Lady Shaver 3 in 1 Wireless Rechargeable System Swivel foil and trimmer for a perfect shave of legs, armpits and bikini zone. The exfoliating attachment gently exfoliates the skin while shaving Rounded head conforms to the contours of your body 3 extras: trimmer attachment for the bikini zone and sensitive areas, exfoliating attachment, sliding attachment

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