Chillbuds 多功能定位兒童智能手錶/Chillbuds multifunctional positioning children’s smart watch

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產品特點:: ✏️1.56 吋輕觸式大屏幕 ✏️800像素鏡頭 支持高清視頻通話 ✏️CPU 雙核,1GB RAM + 8G ROM ✏️Android 9.0 + 內置 Google play ✏️支持 GPS、BDS、LBS、WiFi、 AGPS 等多重定位 ✏️4G 全網通兼容香港及澳門電話卡 ✏️IPX67 防水 (需拆開絕緣膠帶) ✏️快速更換式腰帶設計更顯個性 ✏️血壓/心跳測量 Features:: ✏️1.56-inch touch screen ✏️800 pixel lens supports HD video calls ✏️CPU dual core, 1GB RAM + 8G ROM ✏️Android 9.0 + built-in Google play ✏️Supports GPS, BDS, LBS, WiFi, Multiple positioning such as AGPS ✏️4G Full Netcom is compatible with Hong Kong and Macau calling cards ✏️IPX67 waterproof (need to remove the insulating tape) ✏️Quick-change belt design adds personality ✏️Blood pressure/heartbeat measurement

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