FILCO 鍵盤清潔刷 FILCO clean brush for keyboard



非常適合鍵盤維護! 100%馬毛清潔刷 馬毛的優點是不易產生靜電,而且刷毛細而柔軟,非常適合鍵盤保養。毛長為30毫米,是充分利用馬毛柔韌性和彈性的最佳長度,橫向長而緊湊的設計讓您可以順利清潔鍵間縫隙。 這是一款易於使用的刷子,手柄由天然木材製成。 (日本製) Great for keyboard maintenance! 100% horsehair cleaning brush The advantage of horse hair is that it is not easy to generate static electricity, and the bristles are fine and soft, which is very suitable for keyboard maintenance. The hair length is 30 mm, which is the best length to fully utilize the flexibility and elasticity of horse hair. The horizontally long and compact design allows you to clean the gaps between keys smoothly. This is an easy-to-use brush with a handle made of natural wood. (Made in Japan)