Feather & Down Sweet Dream Pillow Spray No.1 睡前枕頭噴霧。薰衣草和洋甘菊精油的注入,促進平靜、安寧和安寧的睡眠



83% 的消費者睡得更快 有助於減少焦慮的情緒並鼓勵平靜以幫助安穩的睡眠 大量噴灑在您的枕頭上,讓您在進入安寧睡眠時放鬆身心。 洋甘菊和薰衣草精油的注入,以其放鬆特性而聞名 零殘忍、純素食、天然提取物 英國製造 83% of consumers fell asleep faster Helps to reduce an anxious mind and encourage calm to aid a restful night's sleep Spray a generous amount onto your pillow to relax you as you drift into a peaceful sleep. An infusion of chamomile and lavender essential oils, renowned for their relaxing properties Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, natural extracts Made in England

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