L'oreal - Men Expert Vita Lift,5 種抗衰老作用保濕霜,1 x 100 毫升



男士煥活抗衰老面霜,對抗五種衰老跡象 - 一次塗抹,適合日常使用 功效:減少皺紋和緊緻肌膚,密集補水和24小時清新膚色,抗干燥效果和抗淚袋 應用:根據面部清潔情況,在早上(作為日霜)和晚上(作為晚霜)使用面霜 富含法國葡萄藤提取物的抗衰老配方,在皮膚科監督下測試的美容產品 包裝盒內容:1x 巴黎歐萊雅男士專家 Vita Lift 男士活膚保濕霜,100 毫升 Revitalising anti-ageing face cream for men against five signs of ageing - in one application, suitable for daily use Effect: reduced wrinkles and tightened skin, intensive moisture and a fresh 24-hour complexion, anti-dryness effect and anti-tear bags Application: apply the face cream in the morning (as a day cream) and in the evening (as a night cream) depending on the facial cleansing Anti-ageing formula enriched with French grape vine extract