太陽能行動電源 Solar Power Bank 20000mAh/30000mAh

太陽能行動電源黑色Solar Power Bank Black



產品詳情: 電池容量:20000mAh/30000mAh 產品特色:太陽能行動電源 超大容量行動電源 輸出5V/2.1A 配備四個標準通用介面輸出 Micro /Iphone/ Type-c/ USB 輸出。 方便各種手機。 Product Details: Cell Capacity :20000mAh/30000mAh Product Features: Solar Power Bank Ultra-Large Capacity Power Bank Output With 5V/2.1A Comes with four standard universal interface outputs Micro /Iphone/ Type-c/ USB Output. Convenient for all kinds of Mobile phones.

Product Details

隆重介紹 太陽能行動電源,這是一種先進的環保解決方案,可讓您的裝置隨時隨地充電。 這款超大容量行動電源的電芯容量為 20000mAh,旨在為您隨時提供可靠、可持續的電力。

特點是其太陽能充電功能。 利用太陽能,您現在可以使用清潔和再生能源為行動電源充電。 這不僅是實用的選擇,也是負責任的選擇,為更綠色、更永續的地球做出貢獻。

配備 5V/2.1A 輸出,確保為您的裝置提供快速且有效率的充電體驗。 無論您擁有智慧型手機、平板電腦或任何其他 USB 供電設備,這款行動電源都能滿足您的需求。 P330 還擁有四種標準通用介面輸出:Micro、iPhone、Type-C 和 USB。 這項便利的功能確保了與各種手機的兼容性,無需多條電纜和充電器。

當您在旅途中時,您最不想擔心的就是電池耗盡。 這就是太陽能行動電源的用武之地。 憑藉其令人印象深刻的 20000mAh 電池容量,您可以在需要為行動電源本身充電之前為設備多次充電。 告別尋找電源插座或攜帶多個充電器的不便。 將太陽能行動電源放在包包或口袋裡,無論您走到哪裡,您都將擁有可靠的電源。

時尚緊湊的設計增添了其吸引力。 它足夠纖薄,可以放入口袋或包中,而不會增加額外的體積或重量。 耐用的結構確保它能夠承受日常使用和戶外探險的嚴酷考驗。 無論您是出差、在荒野露營,還是只是在城市裡外出都是讓您的設備充電並準備行動的完美伴侶。

此外設計也考慮了安全性。 它具有多種安全功能,可保護您的設備和行動電源本身。 其中包括過流保護、過壓保護、短路保護等。 有了這些保護措施,您就可以放心地為您的裝置充電,因為您知道它們會受到保護,免受任何潛在的傷害。


總而言之,太陽能行動電源是功能性、便利性和環保性的完美結合。 其 20000mAh 電池容量、太陽能充電能力和多個輸出介面使其成為您所有裝置的多功能且可靠的充電伴侶。 無論您是經常旅行的人、戶外愛好者,還是只是需要一個可靠的電源來進行日常探險都能滿足您的需求。 憑藉其安全功能和耐用的設計,它是一款值得您信賴的產品,可讓您的裝置隨時隨地保持通電狀態。 選擇太陽能行動電源體驗隨時隨地充電的自由,同時對環境產生正面影響。


  • Introducing the  Solar Power Bank, a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solution to keep your devices charged on the go. With a cell capacity of 20000mAh, this ultra-large capacity power bank is designed to provide you with reliable and sustainable power whenever you need it.

  • The standout feature of this is its solar charging capability. Harnessing the power of the sun, you can now charge your power bank using clean and renewable energy. This makes it not only a practical choice but also a responsible one, contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.

  • Equipped with an output of 5V/2.1A,it ensures a swift and efficient charging experience for your devices. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or any other USB-powered device, this power bank can handle it all. It also boasts four standard universal interface outputs: Micro, iPhone, Type-C, and USB. This convenient feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of mobile phones, eliminating the need for multiple cables and chargers.

  • When you’re on the move, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of battery. That’s where the Solar Power Bank comes to the rescue. With its impressive 20000mAh cell capacity, you can charge your devices multiple times before needing to recharge the power bank itself. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for power outlets or carrying multiple chargers. With this in your bag or pocket, you’ll have a reliable power source wherever you go.

  • The sleek and compact design of the Solar Power Bank adds to its appeal. It’s slim enough to slip into your pocket or bag without adding extra bulk or weight. The durable build ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily use and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re on a business trip, camping in the wilderness, or simply out and about in the city, this is the perfect companion to keep your devices charged and ready for action.

  • Additionally, the Solar Power Bank is designed with safety in mind. It comes with multiple safety features to protect both your devices and the power bank itself. These include overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and more. With these safeguards in place, you can charge your devices with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected from any potential harm.

  • Backed by advanced technology and meticulous engineering, this solar power bank exemplifies the brand’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • In summary, theSolar Power Bank is the perfect blend of functionality, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Its 20000mAh cell capacity, solar charging capability, and multiple output interfaces make it a versatile and reliable charging companion for all your devices. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or just need a dependable power source for your daily adventures, it has got you covered. With its safety features and durable design, it’s a product you can trust to keep your devices powered up whenever and wherever you need them. Choose Solar Power Bank and experience the freedom of staying charged on the go, all while making a positive impact on the environment.

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