1M USB 4 電纜 240W 適用於 Thunderbolt 3/4USB C 電纜 帶液晶顯示器 8K@60Hz 40Gbps 數據傳輸 快速充電電纜/USB 4 Cable 240W for Thunderbolt 3/4,USB C Cable with LCD Display 8K@60Hz 40Gbps Data Transfer, Fast Charging Cable



⚡【240W USB C 轉 USB C 連接線】BRIMFORD USB 4 連接線支援高達 240W (48V 5A)的充電速度。 USB C 轉 USB C 線可以為任何 Type-C 裝置充電,從智慧型手機到筆記型電腦。 它相容於 PD3.1 快速充電協議,並支援 PD3.0/2.0 的向後相容。 配備 USB 4 介面,可提供超快的 40Gbp 雙向資料傳輸速度,確保快速充電和高速資料傳輸。 ⚡【支援 8K 超高解析度】USB 4 纜線支援解析度高達 8K@60Hz (7680X4320)、4K@144Hz (3840x2160) 影像品質支援 3D 視覺效果。 相容於 Thunderbolt 3 介面同軸電纜,向後相容於 Thunderbolt 1/2,可為您提供更好的解析度和更好的影像品質,以獲得更逼真和令人驚嘆的觀看體驗,最大像素和充電速度取決於您的輸出設備。 ⚡【最快傳輸速度】USB4 纜線採用 40 Gbps (每秒 GB )的更高數據傳輸速度來支援超高速數據傳輸,為各種資料類型提供極快的傳輸速度,包括大型檔案、高解析度視訊和高品質音訊。 值得注意的是,實際傳輸速度不僅取決於所使用的電纜或接口,還取決於連接的設備及其各自的功能。 ⚡【重型電纜和未來的享受】240W USB4 電纜允許在單個連接器上傳輸、充電和視頻輸出,從而消除了多個連接的混亂,並提供更乾淨、更方便的體驗。 USB 4 連接線採用較厚的材料和更強的設計,在頻繁使用和插入時更耐用,可延長使用壽命。 ⚡【適用於所有C 端口設備的設計】240W USB C 轉 USB C 電纜相容於 iPhone 15/15Pro/15 Plus/15 ProMax、MackBook Pro/Air、iPad Pro/Mini、Galaxy S22/22+/2 Ultra、擴充基座和其他Type C 設備。 這是一個一站式解決方案,提供隨插即用便利。 纜線可從顯示器為筆記型電腦供電,同時提供 8K 視訊訊號,從筆記型電腦到螢幕。 它還可以連接無線麥克風、繪圖板、硬碟機外殼、充電器和其他外部設備。 ⚡【240W USB C to USB C CABLE】BRIMFORD USB 4 cable supports charging speeds of up to 240W (48V 5A). The USB C to USB C cable can charge any Type-C device, from smartphones to laptops. It is compatible with the PD3.1 fast charging protocol and supports backward compatibility with PD3.0/2.0. With a USB 4 interface, it offers a blazing-fast bidirectional data transfer speed of 40Gbps, ensuring quick charging and high-speed data transmission. ⚡【SUPPORT 8K ULTRA-HIGH RESOLUTION】USB 4 cable support resolution up to 8K@60Hz (7680X4320), 4K@144Hz (3840x2160) image quality, support 3D visual effects. Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 interface coaxial cable, backward compatible with Thunderbolt 1/2, which provides you with better resolution and better image quality for a more realistic and stunning viewing experience, the maximum pixel and charging speed is determined by your output device. ⚡【FASTEST TRANSMISSION SPEEDS】The USB4 cable utilizes a higher data transfer speed of 40 Gbps (gigabits per second) to support ultra-high speed data transfers, providing extremely fast transfer speeds for a wide variety of data types, including large files, high-resolution video, and high-quality audio. It is worth noting that the actual transmission speed depends not only on the cable or interface used, but also on the connected devices and their respective capabilities. ⚡【HEAVY DUTY CABLES & FUTURE-PROOF ENJOYMENT】The 240W USB4 cable allows for data transfer, charging, and video output on a single connector, eliminating the clutter of multiple connections and providing a cleaner, more convenient experience. The USB 4 cable features thicker materials and a stronger design for greater durability when subjected to frequent use and plugging, allowing it to last longer. ⚡【DESIGN for ALL C PORT DEVICES】240W USB C to USB C cable is compatible with iPhone 15/15Pro/15 Plus/15 ProMax, MackBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro/Mini, Galaxy S22/22+/22 Ultra, docking stations, and other Type C devices. It's a one-stop solution that offers plug-and-play convenience. The cable can power the laptop from the monitor while providing an 8K video signal from the laptop to the monitor. It can also connect wireless microphones, drawing tablets, hard drive enclosures, chargers, and other external devices.