BONNAIRE - ANC ENC 雙咪降噪雙手機連接真無線耳機



雙手機連線 TWS 終於隨著藍牙 V5.3 和最先進的降噪技術。 採用業界頂尖的雙麥克風(DM)+環境噪音消除(ENC)+主動噪音消除(ANC)。 一次充電可持續 6 小時的音樂聆聽時間。 強大的 13 毫米驅動器將讓您沉浸在優質高清音樂中。 入耳式設計將優化聆聽舒適度。 專用的使用者介面使您能夠輕鬆控制以獲得理想的使用者體驗。 金屬灰銀色的拋光讓DM-29ANC異常華麗。 自動配對並在單聲道和立體聲模式之間切換。 防汗防水(IPX5 標準)。 Dual-phone connection TWS finally comes with Bluetooth V5.3 and state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. Adopting industry top-notch of Dual Microphone (DM) + Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) + Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Long lasting of 6 hours music listening time on one charge. Powerful 13mm driver will immerse you in a premium high-definition music. The in-ear design would optimize the listening comfort. Dedicated user interface enables you to control easy for desirable user experience. The metallic grey silver polishing makes DM-29ANC extraordinary gorgeous. Automatic pairing and switching between mono and stereo modes. Sweat and water resistant (IPX5 standard).