Braun Series 5 50-B1000s電動剃須刀,鋁箔男士鬍鬚剃須刀,乾濕兩用,可充電,無線,藍色



男士電動鬍鬚剃須刀,帶有3個可調節刀片,可適應面部輪廓,輕鬆剃須 EasyClean系統,無需拆卸剃須刀頭即可快速輕鬆地清潔 與EasyClick系統兼容升級剃須刀以滿足更多剃須需求 鋰離子電池,最長可使用3週(50分鐘);在5分鐘內快速充電一次即可剃須 100%防水鬍鬚剃須刀,可干濕使用 Men's electric beard shaver with 3 flexible blades that adapt to facial contours for a close shave with ease EasyClean system that allows quick and easy cleaning without removing the shaving head Compatible with the EasyClick system Upgrade your shaver to meet more shaving needs Lithium-ion battery with up to 3 weeks of autonomy (50 min); Quick charge in 5 min enough for one shave 100% water resistant beard shavers for wet and dry use

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