Coteci 256GB 4 Interface High Speed Flash Drive



🔥 高速閃存驅動器🔥 🌟 手機外接式記憶體 不怕手機搞丟 珍貴的照片和回憶化為烏有 🌟 隨插即用 立即儲存您的資料 🌟 不怕手機記憶體不足需要花錢買雲端和更大容量的手機😆 🌟 國際通用三種充電孔位都有 Type-C lightning Micro 🌟 防水 防震 磁性 防靜電 耐高低溫 usb3.0/2.0 🌟 下載軟體為中文介面 淺顯易懂好操作 規格 產品接口: USB-A(USB3.0) TYPE-C、Micro、Lightning(USB2.0) 尺寸:47mm*47mm*8mm 容量:256G 讀取速度(USB3.0):70-100MB/S 寫入速度(USB3.0):15-30MB/S 讀取速度(USB2.0):30-40MB/S 寫入速度(USB2.0):10-20MB/S 出廠文件系統:FAT32 32GB及以下, EXFAT 64GB 及以上 工作溫度:0℃~60℃; 存儲溫度:-25°C-85°C 最大工作電壓/電流:V=5V; A=200毫安


This four-in-one flash drive is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it a versatile storage solution for all your needs.

Versatile and convenient

  • With four different interfaces including USB-A, Lightning, Type-C, and Micro, this flash drive is compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Compact and portable design with a weight of only 6g