INFINITY T3UC 超輕世界通用萬能充頭插頭 /INFINITY T3UC travel plug



•內置6A保險絲設計 由內到外安心又安全 •美國,中國,台灣,日本,歐盟、英國 澳大利亞標準插頭, 等等適合200多個國家� •萬能充電插頭高達98%國家使用得到 � •全球插頭插座轉換,電源隨意轉換 •配有3個USB 及 1個Type-C Smart5V3.4A & 5V3A •重量只有 120g 輕盈機身 •安全保護裝置:短路/過充/過熱/過流保護 •54 x 53 x 67 mm 方便攜帶 •AC功率:110v-6.3A/693W 250V-6.3A/1575W •具備FC,CE等國際頂級安全認證 ✔️具備國際頂級安全認證 ✔️已購1100萬全球產品責任保險 •Built-in 6A fuse design provides peace of mind and safety from the inside out •United States, China, Taiwan, Japan, European Union, United Kingdom Australian standard plugs, etc. Suitable for over 200 countries� •Universal charging plug used in up to 98% of countries � •Global plug and socket conversion, power conversion at will • Equipped with 3 USB and 1 Type-C Smart5V3.4A & 5V3A •Lightweight body weighing only 120g •Safety protection device: short circuit/overcharge/overheat/overcurrent protection •54 x 53 x 67 mm easy to carry •AC power: 110v-6.3A/693W 250V-6.3A/1575W •Have top international safety certifications such as FC and CE ✔️Has international top safety certification ✔️Purchased 11 million global product liability insurance

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