InfinityL20EX 項鍊式隨身空氣清淨機 白色 IN-L20EX-WE /Infinity Guardian Air Negative Ion Purification Necklace L20EX



使用原理 碳纖維發射端持續釋放大量負離子,主動結合,中和,驅散PM2.5,煙霧,花粉,灰塵,細菌等顆粒污染物。 快速增加使用環境下的負離子濃度,可以新鮮空氣,促進人體的新陳代謝,使人體內舒暢,保持能量旺盛。 減少誘發經由呼道感染慢性疾病:鼻敏感、哮喘、花粉症 殺滅經由空氣傳播之細菌及病毒:流行性感冒 阻隔重金屬等汙染物經鼻及咽喉進入體:肺癌、鼻癌、慢性咽喉炎 減輕經由空氣污染或微塵引發之皮膚敏感:敏感、濕疹、皮膚炎 受環境影響之身體狀況:失眠、頭痛、嘔心、喉嚨痛、咳嗽 受環境影響之情緒波動:狂躁、抑鬱、注意力不足、多動症 充電時間:約1小時 續航時間:約15小時 Principle of use The carbon fiber transmitter continuously releases a large amount of negative ions, actively combines, neutralizes, and disperses PM2.5, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria and other particulate pollutants. Rapidly increasing the concentration of negative ions in the use environment can freshen the air, promote the body's metabolism, make the body comfortable and maintain high energy. Reduce chronic diseases caused by respiratory tract infections: nasal allergies, asthma, hay fever Kills airborne bacteria and viruses: influenza Block heavy metals and other pollutants from entering the body through the nose and throat: lung cancer, nasal cancer, chronic pharyngitis Reduce skin sensitivities caused by air pollution or fine dust: sensitivity, eczema, dermatitis Physical conditions affected by the environment: insomnia, headache, nausea, sore throat, cough Mood swings affected by environment: mania, depression, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder Charging time: about 1 hour Battery life: about 15 hours