Nokia E3511 ANC 主動真藍牙耳機 (黑色)/Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3511(Black)



全新E3511 ANC主動降噪藍牙耳機即將在台上市。E3511由芬蘭原廠設計團隊親手打造,承襲NOKIA過去高CP美學設計的外觀造型與高音質優點外,產品單次續航高達6.5小時,搭配350mAh金屬充電盒,使用續航力更可長達25小時。同時具備優異的音質表現與主動式降噪效果,充電盒經過拋光、噴砂、雷雕等十道工序,採用高質感的金屬材質、質感爆棚。更支援最新藍牙5.2技術,讓追劇、打GAME聲音不延遲,並推出有銀河白、宇宙黑、星河藍等三種時尚配色供消費者選購。 The new E3511 ANC active noise reduction Bluetooth headphones will be launched in Taiwan soon. E3511 is hand-made by the original Finnish design team. In addition to inheriting the appearance and high sound quality of NOKIA's past high-CP aesthetic design, the product has a single battery life of up to 6.5 hours. With a 350mAh metal charging box, the battery life can be up to 25 hours. It also has excellent sound quality performance and active noise reduction effect. The charging box has gone through ten processes including polishing, sandblasting, and laser engraving, and is made of high-quality metal material. It also supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, allowing you to watch TV shows and play games without any sound delay. It is also available in three fashionable colors such as Galaxy White, Cosmic Black, and Galaxy Blue for consumers to choose from.

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