Oral-B - EB50 Cross Action (10支裝)電動牙刷替換 多動向交叉刷頭



Oral-B系列中的最新牙刷頭 完全成角度的刷毛可以清潔牙齒並清除牙菌斑 與所有擺動和旋轉電刷兼容(Sonic和Pulsonic除外) Cross Action牙刷頭旨在深入牙齒之間 包裝數量:10(規格針對單個物品) Newest Toothbrush head in the Oral-B Range Perfectly angled bristles to clean teeth and remove plaque Compatible with all oscillating and rotating brushes (except Sonic & Pulsonic) Cross Action toothbrush head is designed to reach deep in between teeth Packaged Quantity: 10 (specifications are for single item)

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