Oral-B iO終極清潔刷頭 白色4支裝



終極清潔結合了Oral-B的理想角度和創新的新刷毛,實現了Oral-B的最佳清潔 從第1天開始去除高達100%的牙菌斑 在Oral-B的標誌性圓形牙刷頭上,精心佈置了刷毛,使其能夠最好地圍繞每個牙齒,從而實現最佳清潔效果 牙醫建議每三個月更換一次牙刷頭以獲得最佳清潔效果 專為您的Oral-B iO設計並保證適合您 此包裝中包含的牙刷頭數:4 選擇世界範圍內的牙醫使用的Oral-B#1 Ultimate clean combines Oral-B's ideal angle, with innovative new bristles, for Oral-B's best clean For up to 100 Percent plaque removal as of day 1 On Oral-B’s signature round brush head, bristles are meticulously arranged to best surround each tooth for the best possible clean Dentists recommend to change brush head every 3 months for the best clean Designed exclusively for and guaranteed to fit your Oral-B iO Number of toothbrush heads included in this pack: 4 Choose Oral-B, #1 used by dentists

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