Oral-B iO終極清潔刷頭 黑色4支裝



革命性的iO技術,直至刷毛尖端-最佳清潔Oral-B。 創新的“鬃毛”束深入齒間間隙,並從第一天起清除高達100%的菌斑。 扭曲的刷毛非常適合任何牙齒,並確保令人愉悅的口感。 為了獲得良好的清潔效果,牙醫建議每3個月更換一次刷頭。 專為Oral-B iO牙刷而設計。 Oral-B是全球牙醫最推薦的牙刷品牌。 包裝盒內含:4個Oral-B iO黑色終極清潔刷頭(出於衛生原因單獨包裝) Revolutionary iO technology down to the bristle tips - for the best cleaning of Oral-B. Innovative 'bristle-in-bristles' bundles reach deep into the interdental spaces and remove up to 100% plaque from the first day. Twisted bristles fit perfectly to any tooth and ensure a sensational mouth feeling. For good cleaning, dentists recommend changing the brush head every 3 months. Designed for the Oral-B iO toothbrush. Box contents: 4 Oral-B iO Black Ultimate Cleaning Brush Heads

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