Oral B (4支裝) ED17-4 OxyJet Replacement Nozzel Tips For Water Flossers



脈沖水刀深層清潔並輕輕按摩牙齦 水和空氣在這裡混合產生微氣泡 兩個位置:目標噴射和旋轉噴射 適用於Oral-B OxyJet牙線和牙齒組合 內容:4 oxyjet插管 Oral-B,全球牙醫使用最廣泛的牙刷品牌 The pulsed water jet deeply cleanses and gently massages the gums Water and air are mixed here to produce microbubbles of air Two positions: targeted jet and rotating jet Adaptable to Oral-B OxyJet Oral Flossers and Dental Combinations Content: 4 oxyjet cannulas Oral-B, the most widely used brand of toothbrushes by dentists themselves in the world