Oral B - Aquacare 6專業級水牙線無線 Water Flosser MDH20



使用Oral-B aquacare 6專業級沖洗器提高您的口腔護理常規,以進行額外的齒間清潔 好處:Aquacare 6幫助改善牙齦健康,並通過按需按鈕輕輕清除殘留在牙齒之間的食物,特別是金屬絲和牙套,您可以精確控制水流 Oxyjet技術:使空氣中的微細氣泡充滿水,從而改善您的口腔健康常規 通過6種清潔模式來個性化您的體驗,aquacare 6具有三種強度設置:敏感,中等和強烈設置,每種都可以與兩種噴嘴水流一起使用:聚焦或旋轉 無線:易於操作,無附件,包含145毫升水 Boost your oral care routine with the Oral-B aquacare 6 pro-expert irrigator for additional and interdental cleaning Aquacare 6 helps improve your gum health and gently removes food trapped between teeth especially wires and braces with the on-demand button you can control the water stream with precision Oxyjet Technology: Enriches water with microfine bubbles of air to boost your oral health routine Personalise your experience with 6 cleaning modes, aquacare 6 has three intensity settings

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