Oral B Dual Clean (3支裝)電動牙刷替換裝刷頭



Oral-B,世界上牙醫自己使用最廣泛的牙刷品牌 兩個刷子提供雙重清潔作用 藍色刷毛是一個指標,它們會隨著時間的推移而褪色,表明何時需要更換刷頭,因此您始終可以確保最佳清潔效果 這些牙刷適合所有採用傾斜和旋轉技術的歐樂 B 電動牙刷。不適合 Oral-B Sonic 和 Oral-B Pulsonic 牙刷 每三個月更換一次刷子以獲得最佳衛生效果 牙醫建議每 3 個月更換一次牙刷或刷頭 The two brushes provide a double cleaning action Blue bristles are an indicator, they fade over time, signaling when it's time to replace the brush head, so you can always ensure optimal cleaning These brushes fit all Oral-B electric toothbrushes with tilt-and-turn technology. Does not fit Oral-B Sonic and Oral-B Pulsonic brushes Change brushes every three months for optimal hygiene Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush or brush head every 3 months

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