Oral B EB50RX-8 Pro CrossAction X 型電動牙刷頭(8 件裝)白色 EB50RX-8 Pro CrossAction X Shape Electric Toothbrush Heads (Pack of 8) WHITE



與手動牙刷相比,可去除多達 100% 的牙菌斑 - 清潔牙齒和健康牙齦 原裝 Oral-B 刷頭配有創新 X 形刷毛:清潔普通刷毛無法到達的區域,實現最佳清潔性能 Oral-B Pro CrossAction 提供 16° 角的獨特刷毛,實現卓越的牙齒清潔效果 德國設計和製造 - 保證適合所有 Oral-B 充電式電動牙刷(Pulsonic 和 iO 除外) 根據個人使用情況,綠色指示刷毛隨著時間的推移會變成黃色,從而顯示更換刷頭的最佳時間 - 獲得 100% 的清潔力 Oral-B 是全球牙醫使用最廣泛的品牌,其效果已得到臨床驗證 Removes up to 100% more bacterial plaque than a manual toothbrush - for cleaner teeth and healthier gums Original Oral-B brush heads with innovative X-shaped bristles: clean areas that normal bristles cannot reach for optimum cleaning performance Oral-B Pro CrossAction offers unique bristles at a 16° angle for superior teeth cleaning Designed and made in Germany - guaranteed fit with all Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrushes, except Pulsonic & iO

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