Oral B Pulsonic 適用於聲波牙刷的敏感牙刷頭 (4支裝) SR32S-4

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我們最柔軟的 Pulsonic 刷頭可溫和清潔。 加長的刷頭比傳統的手動牙刷去除更多的牙菌斑,採用柔和的聲音技術。 歐樂B品牌品質——全球牙醫推薦的No.1牙刷品牌 兼容所有 Oral-B Pulsonic 電動牙刷。 包裝盒內容:4 個單獨包裝的 Oral-B Pulsonic Sensitive 牙刷頭(出於衛生原因)。 Our softest Pulsonic brush head for gentle cleaning. The elongated brush head removes more plaque than a conventional manual toothbrush with gentle sound technology. Brand quality from Oral-B - the No.1 toothbrush brand that dentists worldwide recommend Compatible with all Oral-B Pulsonic electric toothbrushes. Box contents: 4 Oral-B Pulsonic Sensitive toothbrush heads individually packaged (for hygiene reasons).

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