Oral B iO (4支裝)(MAILBOX FIT 包裝)溫和護理電動牙刷頭RB SW-4 iO (4 pcs) (MAILBOX FIT packing)Gentle Care Electric Toothbrush Head RB SW-4



每支牙刷頭都是獨立包裝 輕鬆交付:4 支 Oral-B iO 溫和護理牙刷頭,採用郵箱兼容包裝 輕柔呵護,精準貼合牙齒和牙齦線的弧度,溫和有效清潔 溫和有效清潔敏感區域和牙齦 牙醫建議每 3 個月更換一次刷頭以獲得最佳清潔效果 選擇 Oral-B,全球牙醫使用的 #1 Brush heads individually packaged Easy delivery: 4 counts of Oral-B iO gentle care toothbrush head in a mailbox compatible packaging Gentle care precisely adapts to the curvature of the tooth and gum line for a gentle and effective clean For a gentle and effective clean on sensitive areas and gums Dentists recommend to change brush head every 3 months for the best clean Choose Oral-B, #1 used by dentists worldwide

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