Philips Sonicare兒童牙刷頭(4支裝) HX6034 / 33



適合任何飛利浦Sonicare牙刷 專為兒童設計:對牙齒和牙齦特別溫和 硬毛硬度:超柔軟的硬毛 帶有金剛石研磨機的圓形刷毛,清潔更順暢 密集的猪鬃束可提高清潔性能 包裝盒內含:4x替換牙刷頭,原裝Sonicare For Kids,3歲起 Fits any Philips Sonicare handpiece Designed for children: especially gentle on teeth and gums Bristle hardness: extra soft bristles Rounded bristles with diamond grinders for smoother cleaning Dense bristle bundles improve cleaning performance Box contents: 4x replacement toothbrush heads Original Sonicare For Kids, from 3 years standard, white-turquoise