Philips Sonicare 聲波電動牙刷 3100 系列 HX3673/11 粉紅色



與手動牙刷相比,牙菌斑去除效果提高 3 倍* 內置壓力傳感器保護您的牙齒和牙齦 使用 SmarTimer 和 QuadPacer 優化刷牙 始終知道何時更換刷頭 14天超長續航 牙刷頭從C1升級到C2 Up to 3x better plaque removal vs a manual toothbrush* Built-in pressure sensor protects your teeth & gums Optimize your brushing with SmarTimer and QuadPacer Always know when to replace your brush heads 14-day long-lasting battery life The toothbrush head is upgraded from C1 to C2.

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