Philips Sonicare DiamondClean W2 (黑色8支裝)聲波牙刷刷頭 HX6068/13



適合任何飛利浦Sonicare手機 與手動牙刷相比,潔白的牙齒可去除多達100%的變色 硬毛硬度:中等。 獲得專利的製造工藝,使刷毛更緻密且無細菌腔 刷頭內的RFID芯片可自動提示更改並通過匹配的Sonicare機頭自動選擇良好的模式 包裝盒內含:最佳黑色替換牙刷頭,標準累黑色(以前稱為DiamondClean牙刷頭),一包8個 Fits any Philips Sonicare handpiece Removes up to 100 percent more discolouration for whiter teeth compared to manual toothbrushes Bristle hardness: medium. Patented manufacturing process for denser bristles and no bacteria cavities RFID chip inside brush head allows automatic change reminder and automatically select good modes with matching Sonicare handpieces Box contents: Optimal Black Replacement Toothbrush Heads, Standard BLACK (formerly DiamondClean Brush Head) Pack of 8

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