Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7300 HX9601 / 03聲波電動牙刷



在短短2週內最多可膠凝7次健康狀況* 3種清潔模式:清潔,牙齦健康,深度清潔+ 3種清潔強度:高,中和低 通過藍牙連接到Philips Sonicare應用程序,並配有壓力傳感器,當施加過大壓力時會發出警報 包括:1個ExpertClean手柄,1個Premium Plaque Defense C3頭,1個Premium Gum Care G3頭,1個旅行箱和1個充電底座 Up to 10x more plaque removal and 7x healthier gums compared to a manual toothbrush. Gentle cleaning with the pressure control that warns if the pressure is too high. Individual cleaning thanks to 3 cleaning programmes and 3 intensity settings Autom. Microchip detection of the replacement brush Autom. Change display of the brush after wear and tear for optimal cleaning performance.