Philips Sonicare HX6830 / 53 ProtectiveClean-電動牙刷,帶壓力傳感器,智能頭識別,2種清潔模式和旅行盒,黑色



只需一周即可刷上潔白的牙齒 去除多達7倍的印版 壓力傳感器可確保安全平穩地刷牙 它通過兩種刷牙模式滿足您的需求:清潔和美白 智能頭可讓您始終使用適當的模式和強度以獲得最佳清潔效果。此外,當需要更換頭時,它會提醒您 包括:1個ProtectiveClean刷子,1個(美白)刷頭,旅行箱和充電器 White teeth with a soft brushing, in just one week Removal of up to 7x the plate Pressure sensor for safe and smooth brushing It adapts to your needs with 2 brushing modes: Cleaning and whitening Smart Heads allow you to always use the proper mode and intensity for optimal cleaning. In addition, it alerts you when the head needs to be replaced Includes: 1 ProtectiveClean brush, 1 (Whitening) brush head, travel case and charger

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