Sonicare HX9004 / 10 InterCare I 標準刷頭 (4支裝)



清潔牙齒間隙和難以觸及的區域 短短2週即可使牙齦更健康 使用BrushSync技術自動為手柄選擇最佳模式 通過聲波運動產生微泡以清潔齒間間隙 您將永遠知道何時更換,始終獲得最佳清潔效果 Cleans inter dental spaces and hard to reach areas Healthier gums in just 2 weeks Automatically selects the optimal mode for handles with BrushSync technology Creates microbubbles to clean the interdental spaces using sonic movement You will always know when to replace, for always optimal cleaning

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