Waterpik WP-660 超專業口腔沖洗器水牙線白色 Ultra Professional oral irrigator, water flosser



輕鬆有效地清潔牙齒間隙! 我們最先進的固定式電動口腔沖洗器 得益於直接在口腔沖洗器手柄上的開/關開關,易於使用;尺寸:高度:21.00厘米(帶尖端/刷子:28.29厘米);寬度:11.93厘米;深度:11.65厘米(帶連接器出口的13.00厘米) 十種壓力等級,從輕柔清潔到徹底清除牙菌斑,650毫升水箱,EU插頭(100-240 V AC,50/60 Hz) 包括:口腔沖洗器的7個附件 Easy and more effective cleaning of the interdental spaces! Our most advanced fixed electric oral irrigator Easy to use thanks to the on / off switch directly on the handle of the irrigator; Dimensions: Height: 21.00 cm (with tip / brush: 28.29 cm); Width: 11.93 cm; Depth: 11.65 cm (13.00 with connector outlet) Ten pressure levels from gentle cleaning to thorough removal of plaque, 650 ml water tank, EU plug (100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz) Included in delivery: 7 attachments for the oral irrigator