Yesido 4 In 1 Cable (Type -C To 2 Lightning & 2 Type-C Cable) 1.2M



鋁合金外殼,抗氧化、耐腐蝕、堅固耐用。 智慧恆溫充電、隔熱阻燃。 內建智慧晶片,合理控制電流和電壓,可同時為四個裝置充電。 178顆0.08TC純銅線芯,增加導電面積,降低電阻,提高充電速度。 尼龍編織線,具有良好的韌性和抗斷裂、抗拉力。 Aluminum alloy shell, anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant and durable. Intelligent constant temperature charging, heat insulation and flame retardant. Built-in intelligent chips that reasonable control of current and voltage, capable of simultaneously charging four devices. 178pcs 0.08TC pure copper wire cores, increase the conduction area, reduce resistance and improve charging speed. Nylon braided wire, with good toughness and anti breaking and tensile resistance. Function: 4-in-1 Cable Power: IP 5 V 2A, Type-C 5V 2A, IP x 2+ Type-C x 2 4A (Max) Input Interface: Type-C Output Interface: Type-C + Lightning Weight: 58G Applicable: IOS System, Android Model Length: 1.2M Package: 179 x 80 x 21.49mm