Braun MGK3221 6-in-1 Trimmer Machine Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper Face Trimmer For Men Ear & Nose



與上一代博朗男士鬍鬚修剪器相比,具有前所未有的切割性能的多合一可充電修剪器;與以前的包裝相比,塑料減少了85% 6合1男性修剪器,適合鬍鬚,臉部和頭髮 耐用的鋒利刀片和13種長度設置可確保最佳精度 德國技術,無線修剪長達50分鐘;電池續航時間比以前的型號長25% 將頭髮剪到想要的長度;只需一根梳子,就可以將頭髮剪成0.5至21毫米 與以前的包裝相比,塑料減少了85% All-in-one rechargeable trimmer with unprecedented cutting performance compared to previous generations of Braun men's beard trimmer 6-in-1 male trimmer for beard, face and hair Long-lasting sharp blades and 13 length settings ensure optimum precision German technology, up to 50 minutes of cordless trimming; battery lasts 25% longer than previous model Cut your hair to the length you want; just attach one of the combs and you can cut your hair from 0.5 to 21mm