Braun Series 5 充電式刮鬍刀 51-W1200s Series 5 51-W1200s Wet & Dry shaver with soft pouch and 1 attachment



貼面剃鬍變得輕鬆:這款電動刮鬍刀的 3 個靈活刀片可流暢地貼合您的臉部輪廓,而 EasyClean 系統可快速簡單的清潔,無需取下刮鬍刀頭。 即使是堅硬的鬍鬚也能高效處理:AutoSense 技術可讀取鬍鬚密度並調整功率,從而在每次剃須時捕捉和修剪更多鬍鬚。 鋰離子電池可供長達 3 週的剃鬚(50 分鐘)。快速充電 5 分鐘即可完成一次全面刮鬍。 100% 防水電動刮鬍刀,乾濕兩用。 包括用於修剪鬍鬚和鬢角的精密修剪器配件。 Close shaving made easy: this electric razor’s 3 flexible blades adapt fluidly to your facial contours, while the EasyClean system enables quick and simple cleaning—without needing to remove the shaver head. Efficient even on tough beards: AutoSense technology reads and adapts power to your beard density, capturing and cutting more hair in every shave. Li-Ion Battery for up to 3 weeks of shaving (50 min). 5 min quick charge for one full shave. 100% waterproof electric razor for Wet & Dry use. Includes a Precision Trimmer attachment for moustache and sideburns trimming.