Braun Series 5 53B Electric Shaver Head Replacement - Black - Compatible with Series 5 and Series 6 Shaver



最高性能:為保持最佳剃刮效果,建議每18個月更換一次剃須刀頭 肌膚舒適:這款剃須刀的旋轉頭可適應您的面部輪廓,剃須舒適 貼身和靈敏:這款剃須刀頭的壓力最小的SensoFlex系統(系列6型號) 簡單的更換:只需單擊一下,即可輕鬆安裝新的剃須刀頭 質量工藝:100%德國製造,與5系列和6系列(新一代50-XXXXX / 60-XXXXX)電動剃須刀兼容 PEAK PERFORMANCE: we recommend replacing the shaver head every 18 months SKIN COMFORT: this shaver's swivel head adapts to your facial contours for a comfortable shave CLOSE & SENSITIVE: with this shaver head’s pressure-minimising SensoFlex system (Series 6 models) SIMPLE REPLACEMENT: easily attach your new shaver head - just by clicking it on QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: 100% made in Germany and compatible with Series 5 and Series 6 (new generation 50-XXXXX/60-XXXXX) electric shavers